Zone Controls

Zone Controls

Are some areas in your home hotter or colder than others? If so, you might need zone control.

If you live in a multifloor home with only one thermostat, you probably have uneven heating and cooling. Different rooms have varying factors and levels of usage. A thermostat in one room often isn’t enough to provide an accurate reading for the entire house.

With a zone control setup, you can customize temperatures for each room in your house. The rooms getting the heaviest usage are heated and/or cooled when you use them. You don’t have to pay for the air you aren’t using. Zone controls are a smart, efficient, and convenient way to keep your home comfortable.

How do zone controls operate?

On your thermostat, you can set the desired temperature for each zone in your house. Dampers are installed throughout your ductwork. They block or allow ventilation into a specific room. This allows for custom temperature control in each zone.

What constitutes a zone?

A zone can be an individual room, multiple rooms, or even an entire floor. You get to choose how you’d like to divide it. For help deciding which areas to zone, ask one of our Doria’s Comfort Solutions installation technicians.

Do I need a zone control?

Your home probably needs a zone system if:

• It has more than one level.

• Its foundation is a concrete slab.

• There are furnished rooms in the basement or attic.

• There are lots of outward space.

• It has big open areas.

• It has sizable windows.

What are the benefits?

Your home will be drastically more comfortable if you switch to zone controls. In addition, you can save up to 30 percent on your utilities just by making the switch. For an evenly ventilated and efficient HVAC system, zone control is the way to go.

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